Alloy Wheels - The Repair Process

All of the wheels that we refurbish are chemically stripped, blasted, painted and lacquered to OEM finish, the process is as follows:

Stage 1 - Tyre Removal

1. Tyre removal

Tyres are removed from wheels and then the wheels are assessed for any damage that will require fixing.

Stage 2 - Alloy Wheel Acid Wash

2. Acid Wash

Wheels are then placed in a chemical solution to remove any previously applied paints or primers.

Stage 3 - Hot Water Wash

3. Hot Water Wash

Next the wheels are washed with normal hot water to remove any remaining chemical solution.

Stage 4 - Bead Blasting

4. Bead Blasting

The next stage is to bead blast the wheels to prepare the surface.

Stage 5 - Alloy Wheel Damage and Imperfection Repair

5. Damage Repair

At this stage any repairs such as kerb damage etc are carried out.

Stage 6 - Alloy Wheel Painting

6. Painting & Powder Coating

The wheels are now painted or powder coated in our spray booth to the chosen colour specification.

Stage 7 - Diamond Cutting Rims

7. Diamond Cutting

If diamond cutting is required it will be carried out at this point.

Stage 8 - Alloy Wheel Lacquering

8. Lacquering

Wheels are then lacquered, polished and tyres a refitted again.

Stage 9 - Alloy Wheel Final Inspection

9. Final Inspection

All wheels are thoroughly inspected when finished to ensure total customer satisfaction.

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