Kerbed and Scuffed Alloy Wheels Are Repairable

Kerbed & Scuffed Alloy Wheels

Kerb marks, scuffs and scratched alloy wheel edges or spokes are repairable

Scratched Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels Are Repairable

Scratched & Corroded Diamond Cut Wheels

Diamond cut alloy rim surfaces suffering from corrosion or scratches are repairable.

Pothole and Kerb Damaged Alloy Wheels Are Repairable

Pothole & Kerb Damaged Alloy Wheels

The photo shows rim edge damage which is normally repairable.

Flat Spot Damaged Alloy Wheels Are Repairable

Pothole / Flat Spot Damaged Alloy Wheels

Flat spots caused by potholes or kerbs can be repaired, even if the rim is slightly buckled.

Cracked and Fractured Alloy Wheels Are Repairable

Cracked & Fractured Alloy Wheels

Light cracks and fractures are safely repairable by welding prior to the normal repair process.

Missing Sections From Alloy Wheels Are Not Repairable

Missing Sections & Chunks Of Alloy

It is generally not safe nor feasible to repair alloy rims with missing chunks of alloy.

The details above are a guide to what we can repair, and what can't be repaired. Whilst some repairs are not feasible economically, we will never repair an alloy wheel if afterwards it would be considered unsafe. All wheel rims are tested for buckles as part of the repair process.

Complete our online alloy wheel estimate form, sending us photos of the damage, and we'll let you know if a repair is possible.

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